Students´opinion about our lessons

Read these sentences translated into English from some of our pupils in La Rioja Spanish School about their experiences with us. If you want, you could read full interviews in our blog.

  • “Teachers and lessons are very nice and funny” (Juliane S. from Germany).
  • “Teachers are good and lessons are funny” (Brittany J. from Australia).
  • “Teachers are really proffesional and this School help me to have flexible timetables” (Maritza R. from USA).
  • “Teachers are quite good. Their lessons are interesting and combine different skills: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, tracks, videos, etc. ” (Naoko I. from Japan).
  • “Teachers are quite proffesionals and they treated me like a friend with their kindness, simpathy and happiness” (Elio DeR. from Italy).
  • “When I started my course I couldn´t talk anything in Spanish but now, I can. Their lessons are funny and well equilibrated” (Sibylle S. from Germany).
  • “Teachers are polite and likeable with me” (Jakob P. from Austria).
  • “Teachers are really good and clever beacause their lessons are funny, interesting and never boring” (Rob D. from United Kingdom).
  • “I like their lessons and I was very happy with the School and with my classmates” (Fred R. from USA).
  • “Teachers are really likeable and their lessons are very nice because we could talk a lot” (Nelli V. from Finland).
  • “Lessons are really good because we talk about interesting topics in Spanish” (Eve C. from Ireland).